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Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Co., Ltd.("SNEI"), a subsidiary of Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. ("SEG"), is an international engineering company offering integrated solutions for technology, engineering, procurement, construction and project management services to customers in China and globally.

SNEI came as a merger in 2009 between two well-established Sinopec companies - Sinopec Nanjing Design Institute (founded in 1958) and the Second Construction Company of Sinopec (founded in 1954). Leveraging unparalleled synergy in technology, engineering, procurement, construction, and project capabilities, SNEI is active both in the Chinese and global markets.

Home to an all-encompassing team of 25 engineering disciplines including process, piping, environmental protection, mechanical (static and rotating), electrical, instrumentation, thermal engineering, and bulk material handling, SNEI specialises in the coal chemical, natural gas chemical, integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), C1 chemical and derivatives, petrochemical, environmental engineering, alternative energy, inorganic chemical including sulphuric acid, phosphates and catalysts, and industrial and residential buildings, playing a major role in the petrochemical, fine chemical, inorganic chemical and basic chemical sectors in China.

SNEI's core construction capabilities cover heavy lifting, erection of large package units, erection of large storage tanks, installation of complex DCS/ESD systems, and welding of special materials, particularly in the construction of FCCU, HCU, CCR, PX, PTA, EO/EG units, large storage tanks, cryogenic storage, and long-distance pipelines, setting multiple records in China. As part of China's "Go Global" initiative, SNEI has delivered multiple mega projects in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Singapore, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, making Sinopec a welcoming name amongst our customers.

SNEI is home to an elite pool of 500-strong engineers, 1,700-strong project management personnel, and 500-strong skilled workers.

SNEI is a high-tech company with over 120 patented or proprietary technologies, and has led or participated in the preparation of over 1,000 state-level or industry-level codes, standards and construction methods. SNEI houses the National Center for Sulphuric Acid and Phosphate Fertilizer Design & Technology, and the National Center Station for Chemical Bulk Material Technology, with regular publication of the state-level journal "Sulphur Phosphorus & Bulk Material Handling Related Engineering". With a focus on technological research and development, SNEI is collaborating with universities including Southeast University, Nanjing University of Technology for training and R&D.

To design and building is our passion. Every day and every hour, we do our best to help building an environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and harmonious society in the country where we operate. This aspiration is enabled by our:

Motto: Engineering added values to customer and community;
Philosophy: Discipline Excellence Integrity Collaboration; and
Values: People Innovation Compliance Responsibility Integrity Collaboration.

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