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High-tech enterprise;Credit rating AAA; Quality / HSE system certificateE



Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industries – Industrial Class A; Building industry (building)– Discipline Class A; Oil and gas (off-shore oil) industry (oil and gas storage) – Discipline Class A; Special engineering, environmental engineering (waste water treatment, waste gas treatment, waste solid treatment) – Discipline Class A; Power industry (thermal power generation) – Discipline Class B; Light chemical and textile industries (daily chemical and plastic) – Discipline Class A


Building – General contracting Class I; Petrochemical – General contracting Class I; Structural steel – Discipline contracting Class I; Public utilities – General contracting Class II; Electrical – General contracting Class III; Building Electro-mechanical installation – Discipline contracting Class I; Electronics and smart chemical engineering – Discipline contracting Class II; Fire-fighting facilities – Discipline contracting class II; Power transmission and transformation – Discipline contracting Class III; Special works (Special equipment lifting) – Discipline contracting


Chemical, pharmaceutical – Class A
Building – Class B


Class A

(6)Design, installation of pressure vessels / pressure pipes

License for installation, alteration, maintenance of pressure vessels; License for manufacturing of pressure vessels; Class A certificate for intallation, alteration and maintenance of boilers; Qualification for design of long-distance pipes, pressure pipes; License for design for pressure vessels, special equipment.


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