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Key Milestone of Saudi Arabia North Utility Project Achieved

On April 20, the main substation of utility project in the north part of Saudi Arabia was available for being energized, which symbolized the completion of key milestone. In order to achieve this target, the development of punch-lists for all buildings within the substation were completed without any delay, the construction points by disciplines of civil works, E&I, HVAC, waterproof and firefighting were well coordinated, and tasks were broken down in terms of day and working team. Outside the substation, E&I professionals realized the cable laying plan, arranged and coordinated the professional construction plans for the lineup of steel structure piperacks, laying of cable trays, cable trenches and others. April 20 is a target of working hard and also a driving force which push professionals of all disciplines to forge ahead.

In order to reach the target of being energized, the main managerial personnel of project management team and all construction companies jointly made the determination of “Party Member Leaders Set the Role Model and others follow”, project management teams jointly endeavor to excel in performance. The key construction companies signed Warrior``s Oath with project management team. The construction companies organized various kinds of competition campaigns between working teams , and technical skills competition.

The successful realization of the milestone is a reward to all participants involved in the construction activities for their efforts over dozens of days, and also a starting point leads to the completion of the main project.

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