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SAP Project Comes to Energizing Peak

As autumn approaches in Waad Al Shamal in September, the SAP Project also comes to an energizing peak.

The SAP has everything that the substation and distribution works can have: 1. There are a number of substations. The entire project has a total of 9 substations, including plant-wide substation and distribution hub 132kV GIS switch station, main substation, integrated control room and other utilities; 2) there are a number of substation and distribution equipment of many types, which is 606 sets in total, including 40 transformers; 3. There are a number of voltage classes encompassing a wide range of voltages; 4. There are a number of interfaces. The substation and distribution works involve The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Client, other contractors, the consortium partners, construction subcontractors, and all the disciplines, among others, which involves many interfaces and hence difficulty in coordination. It is the international project of SNEI with the biggest difficulty, biggest volume and biggest challenge for substation and distribution works.

Through relentless efforts by everybody in the project management team, so far, the 132kV GIS switchgear station, main substation, power island, integrated control room, SAP Line A main substation are officially energized. After SAP Line A is energized, it will pave the way for subsequent motor test, loop test, system completion. And in the meantime, Line B 22B substation, SAP Line C 22C substation, power plant operation center and turbine power generation distribution room E&I installation has been basically completed, which is undergoing busy testing activities to prepare for the next round of energizing.

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