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We offer basic engineering design or preliminary design (including special chapters), detailed engineering design, as-built drawings, HAZOP/SIL, procurement service and field service in accordance with Chinese standards or international standards, depending on client requirements. We are able to submit our design deliverables in Chinese and/or English.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art engineering, calculation, modelling and project management tools to enable our services for domestic and global customers. Over the years, we have delivered over 1,000 medium- and large-sized engineering projects across 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, encompassing petrochemical, coal chemical, natural gas, utilities and offsites, fine chemicals, and public facilities.


We offer schematic solutions, project proposals, project application reports, finance application reports, feasibility study reports and overall planning for the petrochemical, coal chemical, environmental protection and public utilities sectors. We have Class A consulting certificate for petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical consulting services, and have a track record of hundreds of consulting contracts.


Our technology development strategy is tailored to the innovation and growth of the petrochemical sector in China and globally, and to secure a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly future for the community with our revolutionary technologies for alternative energy and environmental protection.

We offer license, process design and start-up services for: sulfur recovery tailgas treatment (caustic process), wet-process phosphoric acid (dihydrate), two-stage concentration for wet-process phosphoric acid, feed grade phosphoric acid through purification of wet-process phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid from elemental sulfur (sulfur-burning), H2S-containing offgas (wet process, dry process), sulfurous effluent (dry process), low-grade heat recovery system for sulfuric acid plant, heat pump, carbonylation synthesizing for acetic anhydride and isothermal shift.

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